Moving Tips

Helpful Tips From Moving Service Professionals!

If you only need our help with certain aspects of the move, check out a few tips we provide to customers so they can keep their belongings organized throughout the moving process.
• Don’t wait until the last minute to change your address. We recommend completing this process at least two weeks before the big move. From the cable company to the banks, make sure everyone knows where to send your important, personal, and time-sensitive mail.

• Everyone agrees it’s easier to simply move LESS stuff. Throw a garage sale, sell items on the Internet, donate to a local charity, you name it, around six weeks before the moving date.

• Organization is key to not losing your mind. Have an overnight bag prepared with your phone charger, clothing, toiletries, and electronics.

• Once you get to your new place, it will help to know where all of these look-alike boxes should go! If you label them on multiple sides, you’ll know what room to put them in for unpacking, even if they’re stacked.

• Another organization method is to color code your boxes, with each color representing a different room.

• If you’re taking on the challenge of packing on your own, don’t waste your money on bubble wrap! Use your clothes to protect breakable antiques and other precious items. You’ll save more room in suitcases this way, too!

• No one likes folding clothes. Save yourself some time by simply keeping all of your clothes in your drawers and using Press’n Seal around the edges when you remove the drawers from your dresser or bureau. Everything will remain neat and folded throughout the trip.

• Chances are, you probably can’t remember the last time you had to hook up your electronics! They’ve remained in place for the duration of your time in your home. Take pictures of all of the hookups before you disconnect your television, computer, and other devices so you know what to do once you’re ready to connect in your new home!

• Take note of the state of your space before you move out of it, especially if you’re renting from a landlord. This will avoid any unnecessary cleaning charges or cuts from your security deposit.

• If you’re still feeling overwhelmed after reading all of these tips, it may be time for you to call HL Rich and Sons Moving Services for packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and more!

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